18 Year Old Female BMX Rider, Nikita Ducarroz

Nikita Ducarroz has been hard at work making a name for herself in the BMX world for the last few years and today we're happy to help premiere her latest web video. The barspins fly, 360s get sent, a backflip gets spun and Ryan Nyquist even shows up for a quick cameo at Woodward. Oh and she rides off a roof. Shout out to Nikita for holding it down for all the female BMX riders all over the globe."Two broken feet, thousands of dollars worth of stolen camera gear, and a year later we finally managed to finish up a video! I definitely had a blast filming this edit with Kevin, trying new things as we went, and mixing up my riding. Huge thank you to him for spending so much time to make this video happen!"Follow Nikita on Instagram: https://instagram.com/nikitabmxgirl/