A LITTLE LATE | Nitro Snowboards at Woodward Copper

Nitro Week at Woodward Copper - An edit to help promote people to go snowboarding and have fun. Last July the a crew from the Nitro Team, including Sam Taxwood, Eero Ettala, Torgier Bergrem, and Jeff Richards, went to Woodward Copper to spend a week riding with the campers and enjoy some summer snowboarding activities. This video is being released mid winter because we want to show you what you could be a part of next summer to keep you joy for snowboarding going all season long! Enjoy your winter and join us next summer at Woodward Copper for some good times snowboarding. #RunToTheHills Filmed and Edited: Jeremy Thornburg Music by: No Controles Ole Ole Special Thank You to Woodward and Woodward Copper for letting the Nitro Team come and enjoy the campers, the park, the good weather, and the people! Thank you!