Angie Marino at Woodward West

Pro BMX rider and USA Cycle athlete Angie Marino is headed to Woodward West this summer for Girls' Week! Girls' Week at Woodward West will be held during Week 4 of summer camp, June 23-29, 2019. Angie stopped by Woodward West to warm up for her summer session and ride some of her favorite indoor and outdoor parks. During Girls' Week 2019 at Woodward West, Angie will be joined by BMX pro Maca Perez Grasset to inspire and ride with young female BMX riders attending camp. (Maca also appears in this video, be on the lookout for her shredding at summer camp!) Visit www.CampWoodward.com to sign up for summer camp at Woodward!About Girls' Weeks: Girls’ Weeks at Woodward PA and Woodward West are an opportunity for female action sports campers to come together and shred with their peers. These camp sessions feature appearances from top female professional athletes to inspire and empower girls to progress in the sports they love. Girls’ Weeks are run simultaneously with normal camp sessions, training and participating in activities that include both male and female campers.