Colony of Summer 17 - Skate (Part 1)

2012 was an amazing summer here at Camp Woodward in Pennsylvania.  Take a look back to last summer and check it out for yourself.  Featuring: Malcom Watson, Trevor Colden, Louie Barletta, Ben Raemers, Chaz Ortiz, Billy Marks, Zane Timpson, Tom Asta, Ishod Wair, Matt Bennett, Tony Massey, Ryan Rullman, Sean Powderly, Jack Baird, Chico Brenes, Ryan Hamburg, Garrett Hill, John Pankus, and more...For more information on Camp Woodward, Check out www.campwoodward.comLIKE us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/woodwardcampFollow us on Instagram and Twitter at @woodwardcamp
Part of the Series