Cory DeMeyers & Jesse La Flair - iPhone Freerunning Adventures

Camp Woodward the Largest Actionsports Camp in the world invited Jesse La Flair & I out to their Parkour Program to be VIP Guest. We spent 1 week in Pennsylvania at this dream compound Freerunning on everything, and exploring more then just jumps ! We meat Damien Walters, Rockstar Pro Skaters Nolan Munroe, Danny Mayer, X-Games Gold Medalist Elliot Sloan, Pro Bmx Rider and X-Games Gold Medalist Alistar Whitton Taught me a Backflip on a bike, Hung out with the legend Bmx rider & ramp Builder Nate Wessel, Child with Crazy cool Dave Metty, Jesse front flipped a skateboard along with tons of other awesome shit ! Thanks Camp Woodward & Tara Shipley can't wait to do it again next year ... Check out our Adventure shot entirely on the iPhone 5s