CWS7 EP12 - Heaps of Milkshakes

Camp Woodward Season 7 - Episode 12New every Monday! View all: http://woodwardtv.com/season7This week, Zepp skates Cloud 9 with Neal Hendrix, Alex Sorgente and Jamie Foy while Brighton is called to the office for a little chat with the big boss, Gary Ream. In this Episode: Skateboarding: http://woodwardtv.com/skateboarding/Woodward PA: http://woodwardtv.com/pa/ Cloud 9: http://woodwardtv.com/cloud9/Neal Hendrix: http://woodwardtv.com/pro/neal-hendrix/Alex Sorgente: http://woodwardtv.com/pro/alex-sorgente/Jamie Foy: http://woodwardtv.com/pro/jamie-foy/ Gary Ream: http://woodwardtv.com/pro/gary-ream/ Llama-Cow: http://woodwardtv.com/pro/llama-cow/ Want to go to Camp Woodward? Sign up now: http://woodwardtv.com/gotocamp/ --About Season 7This season we follow three amateur skateboards and an up-and-coming filmmaker as they leave friends and family behind in pursuit of one day turning pro…But it’s what they’re not expecting that will change their lives forever. Real kids. An unreal summer.For more visit http://woodwardtv.com/season7Looking for Season 6? http://bit.ly/1mPsgFK-- Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1mTgvbYFacebook: http://facebook.com/campwoodwardInstagram: http://instagram.com/campwoodwardTwitter: http://twitter.com/campwoodward#CWS7
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