Hot Wheels Junior Open 2018 at Woodward West

Kids from around the country made the trip out to Woodward West in Tehachapi, California to compete in the Hot Wheels Junior Open. An open skateboard and BMX contest for kids 16 and under, where all ability levels are welcome!Take a behind the scenes look at the 3-day Junior Open through the eyes of competitors Gavin Bottger, Lazer Crawford, Roman Hager, Nobacel Villalobos, Carlin Makibbin and Sean Curliss. Featured competitors include Adler Cromer, Camp Schillereff, Dante Tabuyo-Ochoa, Gui Khury, Jaxson Thompson, Kaden Stone, Kieran Woolley, Koston Eaton, Malachi Gray, and Porter Birk. Plus, a cameo from Element Skateboards founder, Johnny Schillereff.For complete results of the Hot Wheels Junior Open: http://bit.ly/2EAaQtg 
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