Jorge Jovel - One More Run - Trailer for Sidewalk Magazine

From the very first time I met Jorge Jovel I knew there was something different about him, it was the way he influenced the people around him, making everyone strive to be their very best. Little did I know the first time that I met him that he was a professional BMX rider who had competed all over the globe with friends the likes of 10 time X-Game gold medalist Jamie Bestwick, Chad Kagy, and Jeremiah Smith. To me he was a talented graphic designer and cinematographer who would become a good friend as well. As our friendship grew so did my understanding of his story. From his earliest days Jorge faced adversity, growing up in Honduras and moving to the Bronx as a child put him in a position where his life could have gone many ways, but Jorge being the person he is found his calling behind the handlebars of a bicycle. His career took off and sent him all over the world, competing in X-Games and Dew Tour. It would be during these years however that injuries and rising expenses along with the falling payouts of the industry would cause him to reevaluate his life. Jorge facing adversity before chose to go back to school and pursue his passion of graphic design. However his love of BMX never left; he had always told himself that one day he would return to the pro contests series and this is that year. This film will follow Jorge through his year of training and traveling as he prepares for the ride of his life and setting out to accomplish some unfinished goals. This is more than a BMX film but a story of life, adversity and one mans unconditional passion for life on two wheels.