Learned Front Flip Drop In - Raymond Warner

Day #13 here at camp was my favorite so far. I started off the day with Josh Kish and we were originally going to go wake boarding in the lake, but unfortunately that didn’t work out. So, we decided to head over to lunch. After we ate, I went over to Cloud 9 to ride with pro BMX rider Jamie Bestwick and I told him to try my scooter out after him and I finished our vert session. He hopped on and tried doing a few tail whips…and he got it! Stay tuned for Jamie Bestwick the pro scooter rider. Then, I decided to try out some front flip drop-ins. Josh Kish has been doing this trick for a long time, so he agreed to help me learn them. So stoked he was there to help because I finally got it! Thanks to everyone that was at the park that helped me get a new learn! I hate doing front flips, so I was stoked that I got them on such a small obstacle. Thank you guys very much for watching and stay tuned for Day #14 here at Woodward Camp! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL!