My First Backflip on a BMX Bike - Raymond Warner

The Woodward Camp series has officially come to an end. But, my very last day here at camp was absolutely incredible. One that I will remember for the rest of my life. I had so much fun with all of the kids around camp for their last day here as well as many BMX riders. Josh Kish and I taught a few kids how to flair in Cloud 9 on the resi quarter and I taught a fellow rider named Zander how to drop into the vert ramp. I love watching kids go down that ramp because of how thrilled they are to conquer their fears. After we all rode throughout the day and the night session came, I rode with all of my BMX buddies. We all learned something new. I was SO STOKED to learn backflips on a BMX bike. I was even more hyped that I landed it my first try ever! Shoutout to everyone for getting me to send it. As for you, thank you so much for watching all of this series. I had the best time making every single one of these videos and I am bummed that I won’t be here tomorrow to make another one for you. But, I really hope you all enjoyed watching me throughout my voyage and adventures to Camp Woodward.