Oak City at Woodward Week 8

It is a great honor to announce that Oak City Inline Skate Shop will be at Woodward for Week 8!Make sure to sign up for your stay during Week 8 (July 26th- August 1st)! It will be a great time and we look forward to seeing you there.In attendance will be: Adam Bayzdlo Casey Wilson Long Tonthat and Jon CooleyPlease, check out them out for all your summer camp needs!For more information on Camp Woodward check out: campwoodward.comFor more information on Getaway Weekends Check out: campwoodward.com/parents/general-information/weekend-getaways.htmlMore Woodward Inline Videos can be seen at: WoodwardTV.com/Inline campwoodward.com/Filmed/Edited by: Long Tonthat Additional Filming by: Jason Hampton, Patrick Anderson