Skatepark Mega Ramp on Scooter!

I am so stoked to be here at Woodward Camp! I was sure to bring both my pro scooter and my skateboard so that I could do both scooter tricks and skateboard tricks for you guys. The first day here at camp, I made sure to get on the MEGA RAMP! This is a mini mega ramp so it is nowhere near the size of the real mega ramp, but it is still a great time. The first thing that I did on it was a flip and then I did a six whip over the gap and a flip quad tailwhip as well. I did do a lot more riding on it prior to filming as well. After the mega ramp session, I went to another skate park called Lot 8 and rode in there. This is by far one of the best skateparks here at Woodward. I did have a couple scooter fails moments in there, but I had a good time. So stoked to make more videos for you guys as the week goes on!