Skatepark Snakerun on a Scooter

Day #3 here at Camp Woodward has been great! I was able to film a video on the snake run today instead of going directly to a skatepark. Although, I still think of this snakerun as a skate park because it is such an amazing spot. There are tons of scooter kids here at camp and it seems like they have all been having a great time riding their pro scooters as well. Some of them have been learning new tricks on the mega ramp, some on rails, and some in all of the other skateparks. Tomorrow I am going to try to get my skateboard built up so that I can ride it throughout the camp. I also got some clips of one of the bmx riders here trying to do a 360 quad bar. He didn't get the quad, but he did get a triple. Anyways, thanks for watching and enjoy!