SNOWBOARDER Week at Woodward—Summer Snowboarding in Tahoe

A few weeks ago, the wonderful people at Woodward Tahoe hit up SNOWBOARDER Magazine about the possibility of hosting a full week of camp at Boreal Mountain, California, and last week, the staff of SNOWBOARDER packed a condo at Woodward Tahoe with Desiree Melancon, Pat Moore, Scott Blum, Justin Keniston, Stefi Luxton and Mike Ravelson for a full week of shredding, swimming, SUPing, skating and general summertime activities in order to thaw the cold frost of winter off of our bones. Add in the campers and some surprise guests like Danny Davis, Christian Connors and Drayden Gardner, as well as Mizzyl on a 195cm board, and you are going to have a good time. For the doubters that don't believe that there's still snow on the hill in June, think again, because the staff of Woodward and Boreal have a lane of snow packed with jumps, jibs and transition that will blow your mind. Video by Blake Kehoe