Staff Tumbling Demo | Week 2 | 2017

The staff demo during week 2 out at Woodward Camp in PA was awesome this past summer!  Check out some of these highlights including some shots with special guests Rustam Sharipov, Jordyn Wieber, Jesse La Flair, Marcus Gustaffson, Dante Grazioli and Brandon Douglass.  Woodward Staff Members:Elliot Helms, Shelby Jungers, Brandon Parker, De'sean Leigh, Kaiden Wilson, Kenny Washington, Kristen Downard, Ashley Gianni, Ally Ballard, Rose Hadsell, Brooke Davis, Kyle Dummer, Haley Haberman, Lexee Westcott, Piper Giddings, Samme Hein, Devin Sowells, Alex Manesll, Fernando Arce, Samantha Brys, Christin Wargo and Robyne Shall.