Sunland - We Are New Balance Numeric

When New Balance Numeric told us Russell Hougthen and the team were crafting something extra special and ambitious for their next video, we gotta admit, we had extremely high expectations. But this video shatters 'em all. This is truly a work of art.Sunland - We Are New Balance Numeric featuring Arto Saari, Levi Brown, Tyler Surrey, Tom Know, Tom Karangelov, Jack Curtin, PJ Ladd, Jordan Taylor, Marquise Henry, and Jordan Trahan.Directed by: http://www.BrindleCollective.comFilmed and Edited by: Russell HoughtenAssistant Camera and Titles by: James MessinaAssistant Camera and BTS: TJ GaskillShot on http://www.FreeFlySystems.com Movi M10 with Red Dragon CameraMusic:http://www.RichardHoughten.com "Train Ride Through Time"A Cosmic Gifthttps://bloomypetal.bandcamp.com/trac..."Something Like the Sunset"Subscribe to The Berrics - http://bit.ly/TheBerricsYoutubeDaily Videos and more: http://theberrics.comLike The Berrics on Facebook: http://fb.com/berricsFollow The Berrics on Instagram: http://instagram.com/berricsFollow The Berrics on Twitter: http://twitter.com/berrics