Teaching Kids Backflips - Raymond Warner

These days just keep getting better and better as time passes. I have always loved hanging out with fellow scooter riders and the kids are so stoked to have me here at camp. A few of them asked me if I could teach them how to do back flips and I told them that I would for sure help them in the foam pit at Lot 8 skate park here at Woodward Camp. So, that is exactly what I did. About five kids and I were getting after the ultimate backflip in the pit and about all of them got it! I was so stoked for them! After the foam pit session, I decided to head over to the Mega Ramp for a little bit and ride. When I arrived, there were a few skateboarders riding the ramp and they were killing it as well. It was a great session overall. Of course, there were some fellow scooter riders which is always cool to see. Not many enjoy riding this ramp. While I was on top of the landing, some other campers came to the top and asked if they could be in my vlog. I told them that they could if they went to the top of the Mega Ramp quarter pipe which is 18 feet tall, and slide down it. One of them was absolutely terrified of heights. He was the funniest to watch by far. I planned on getting a quick session at The Rock skate park, but my ankles started to bleed, so I decided to head over to the trainer. But, I didn’t make it very far when I passed the FREE ICE CREAM booth! I had to stop. Thank you very much for watching and if you enjoyed this video, please SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! Opinions are always welcome in the comments as well. Take care!