The Round Off | Cheer Ep.2

Our second installment of "The Round Off" gives you an insider's view to the cheer program during Week 2 at Woodward, PA.  Filmed and Edited: Jimbo KelliherFeaturing: Kiersten kerstetter, Robby Carmichael, Emily Reyes, Nathan Fraley, Lamar Johnson, Lindsay Kelley, Eric Ortiz, Jack Payne, Tatum Lorch, Chris Nowells, Samme Hein, Kyle Dummer, Bailey Payne, Tucker Hendrix, Mike smalls, Morgan Lambert, Romy Bross, Dave Metty, Andrew Villnueva, Mikey Huertas, Zevi Weiss, Adam Muse, Tom Butler, Adriane Wenescalo, Wilson Huddleston 
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