They Sent It - Raymond Warner

On the sixth day at Woodward, it was all about the kids. Kids absolutely love playing different kinds of games, and getting free stuff, so that is exactly what we did. We started off the day doing instruction like we normally do, but we switched it up a little bit and played a game called “Foot Down”. The point of the game is to not let your feet hit the ground and the last one standing wins the game. We changed the rules up a couple of times, but we had a blast. After that, we went over to Lot 8 and jumped into the foam pit for a little while and watched Daniel try flips again and he did ANOTHER funny fall. He is an awesome kid though! Some of the kids also tried front flips, but none of them could quite get the entire rotation of the trick. But they were crazy close for their first tries! I was so stoked for them! For the giveaway today, I had the kids jump as far as they possibly could into the foam pit. Some of them went insanely far! The first, second and third place qualifiers battled it out with a best trick in the foam pit. Juan did the coolest trick into the foam with that SICK double front flip, but Germany was the crowd favorite, so he took the win. Thank you very much for watching and make sure to SUBSCRIBE to my channel!