USD Trip to Woodward East - 2012

Jeff Dalnas, Tim Phang, Brian Arnold, Dan Breuer, Mike Koliner, and I invaded Woodward taking over Bud's Barn for days at a time to film for this project. With filming coming to a close I received word that Montre Livingston was joining the USD team and Julien Cudot was coming from France to spend a week at Woodward. We were able to take one more trip and get footage of the crew with Montre and Julien. Last summer's Woodward project for USD didn't work out as planned due to injuries, scheduling conflicts, and factors out of our control. This year we were able to accomplish what we set out to do.Big thanks to to Woodward for opening their doors to us and letting us shred.Gary Ream, Mike Bennett, Darin Hazel, Steve Hass, Dave Metty, Blake Kelly, Jimmy Hake, Woodward Films, all the skaters, and the film crew for making this project possible.Skaters: Montre Livingston, Jeff Dalnas, Julien Cudot, Brian Arnold, Tim Phang, Mike Koliner, Curtis Caudle, Blake Kelly, Chris Burns, Dan Breuer, Jimmy Hake, Austin Paz, , Mike Bennett, and Brandon Ford.Peep and Enjoy!Peace,Nick Pisciotta