Week 12 Tumble Demo

Our staff certainly know how to close out a demo.  Grab a glimpse of the final tumble demo of the 2015 summer in the Cheer Gym with our Gymnastics, Cheer, and Parkour staff and special guests.  Filmed and Edited: Jimbo KelliherFeaturing: Svetlana Boguinskaia, Russell Warfield, Kie Willis, Corey Demeyers, Jason Paul, Anan Anwar, AGA Gymnastics, Steve Haas, Fernando Arce, Zevi Weiss, Sam Katz, Sam Brys, Deborah Dick, Krystal Hermanns, Lyz Wilson, Thomas Hamblin, Jovan Tevin, Wilson Huddleston, Mikey Huertas, Adam Muse, Mike Smalls, Betsy Zander, Henry Blue, Joseph Gilberg, Erika Can Dyke, Laura Safford, Nathan Comber, Chis Roberts, Justin Sherry, Trevor Flynn-Ailing