Woodward Tahoe Week 1 - Snowboarding

With names like Forest Bailey, Riley Nickerson, and more, 686 week brought the heat like the Cali sunshine. Snowboarding in June is always a special event, just ask anyone that was here to expirience the magic! Whether you're in a game of SNOW or just skating around some of our amazing facilities, Woodward Tahoe is a place to make your wildest dreams come true!Check out the 686 dudes and some of our friends having a great time on and off the snow!Riders: Forest Bailey, Riley Nickerson, John Murphy, Sammy Spiteri, Ryland West, Pat McCarthy, Ryan Tarbell, Alex DeGuzman, Fancy Rutherford, Lane Knaack, Mizzly Adams, Cam Pierce.Song: Drum MonkeyArtist: Shawn LeeCourtesy of: Ubiquity RecordsLink: http://www.ubiquityrecords.com/